Monday, December 12, 2011

Skin Care In Winter

As much as we all love the winter season, the chilly clear days of winter bring more than just rosy glimmer to the cheeks. They also bring itchy dryness to skin of the face, lips, hands and feet. For some it’s not only tightness, skin care in winterdry feeling sometimes the skin goes so dry that it results in flaking, cracking and even eczema. The only reason why we feel dryness during winters is because of the heat that we turn on, and trust me it doesn’t matter if you heat your home with oil, gas, coal or wood your skin will get dry. Let’s take a look at a few simple tips that can help you in keeping your skin moisturized and soft during winters as well.

Who doesn’t love taking a hot shower in winters but this is one of the major causes of dry skin as hot water raids of moisture, its best to shower in lukewarm water. If you can’t live without taking a hot shower then keep your shower small and use a moisturizing soap or invest in a body wash, and the same rule goes for your hands and feet.

Your skin speaks whenever it feels discomfort, if your skin feels tight and taut it’s time to ad on the moisturizers, there are several ways for moisturizing your skin, remember to apply your moisturizers or skin oils while your skin is slightly damp. For best effects pat skin dry instead of rubbing with towel.

Exfoliated skin works like a charm with moisturizers, use a salt or sugar scrub in the shower and also remember to exfoliate your face skin with a mild scrub which is made for the face. It is said that skin needs 30 percent humidity to stay properly moisturized, so remember to keep the heaters low and always remember to keep a small bottle of Vaseline with you.

Soaps also have a drying effect on the skin, try to find a soap with a creamy moisturizing cleanser that contains glycerin and petrolatum, my favorite winter soap is DOVE as it has the right moisturizers that keeps your skin soft for longer. Did you know that your feet and skin are most effected by dryness, remember to moisturize with a nice lotion which is most suitable to your skin and when you all are done with your daily chores and children are tucked in apply moisturizers on your hands and feet and slip on some gloves and socks for a few hours and remember to take them off before you go to sleep.

Never forget your lips, they tend to dry up and crack during winters and licking your lips won’t help it actually helps in drying up your lips, feel free to invest in a nice lip balm that will not only moisturize your lips but also give it the natural pout that every women and young girls love. I personally love body shop “born lippy” which comes in many different flavors.

According to recent research that fish oil pills may help soothe super dry skin. Patients who have consumed fish oils pills in a study have shown significant results within a few weeks, and within 6 weeks your skin hair and nails with improve remarkably.

These were one of the best skincare tips for winter, there is a possibility that sometimes I might miss a few tips and tricks feel free to around on the internet and do some research on your specific problems I am sure you will find some amazing information. Till next time take care of your skin, eyes, nose, lips, ears and